Thursday, October 23, 2008

Guess where I'm going tonight ..............................

Matt and I were invited by some very special friends to attend the " 2008 Lincoln/Reagan
Republican Party with special guests:
Gov Tim Pawlenty, Congressman John Kline, Congressman Michelle Bachmann, Norm Coleman and Mayor Rudi Giuliani. It is being held here in Mpls and we both are sooooo excited to go. Or should I say Matt is absolutely thrilled beyond measure to go since the man loves loves loves talking politics................... let me rephrase that not just talking sometimes but debating.
I'm sure it will be a great time, but I have the feeling that Matt will make me stay until he has talked to every person :)

Love you Mr. Richmann - can't wait to enjoy a wonderful evening with you!!!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Heart is Sad and yes sometimes I hate Facebook to

So I wanted to comment on something my sister said today on her blog ( Since I have two sisters - It was Leslie who said it) the cute on in the green and white sweater
Leslie wrote this on her blog today : i see all these photos from parties i'm not at, and weddings of people from LONGGGGGG ago, with friends that were friends equally long ago, and i wonder why i'm not in them. not invited, not mentioned, not even a thought.
I to Leslie hate FaceBook sometimes - Hate not going to parties and having the greatest clothes, and the best vacations like everyone else is taking - or so it appears.............................
But for those of you who don't know my sis I'm sorry to you who have never invited her to your so called parties or lunch dates and sorry you did not invite her to your wedding cause you guys are missing out. Shame on you to the person who said those people are my friends and why are you going out with them. Who gets to decide who is and is not your friends? And really do you think it will all really matter when we get to heaven ????
Leslie - don't care what those people do - they are not who make you- I had to stop caring a long time ago - stay close to the people who really know you cause they will love you the most no matter what happens
I know you personally and not just cause you are my sister and think there need to be more people like you in this world. There are places you have been that will never be the same - people still ask about you MCA - lunchroom - Sudden Fire - everyone from Osseo- Church - family outtings - birthday parties- Bunco ( those girls love you)
Girl - you are not on the sidelines - you are running your race and your true friends will be cheering you on to say keep going don't let those people get you down!!!!!! Your amazing and I love you for you who really are and thats all that matters

Monday, October 20, 2008

Mr Carson

Mr Carson Steven Almquist

So my son wanted me to do a post about him since he said a lot of people don't really know about him :)

Born: 12/9/99

Big Golden Birthday coming up :) and he wants to go to a hotel with 9 of his friends and get an Xbox

We live together in Minnetonka,MN for the next 7 months until Matt and i tie the knot - Yeahhhhhh

Favorite Sports: Football, Basketball, Swimming, Golf, Soccer

Favorite Food: Pizza or Mac and Cheese and he loves Biscuits and Gravy and his Auntie Kelly's house - He says " Mom I love warm meals at Kelly's House " meaning he hates eating on the go like I always make him do

Best Part about 3rd Grade: Science or History

Best Football Team - In his eyes - Florida Gators ( he tells Matt and I he is going to play football for them some day)

Any Big News; He is leaving in 3 weeks for his first missions trip to Jamaica with his Nana and he told me last night that he really feels that God is going to change his life forever when he is there. And that he should go back when he is 18 to work with Pastor Winston Watson for a year before going off to college- Sounds like a good plan to me.

Gotta love this kid - I must give credit to his Nana who has spent a lot of her time raising him like he was her own.

Gotta say I know God has put it in Matt and I's heart to open a Single Mom's home some day to help mom's get on there feet, get a good job, have a decent wardrobe and learn about Christ.

Can't wait and hope that day is soon :)