Friday, September 5, 2008

I'm the Blonde

So I could not find any good pictures of my family, and I could not find a good picture of just myself ( since i never seem to carry my camera) so I took this one from my dear friend Kendra.
This picture was taken 3 weeks ago at her cabin up north. We had such a great day together!
Love you Vandervoort :)

My First Time Blogging bare with me

So I have wanted to start blogging for the last couple of months and I keep saying to myself that I'm going to do it but haven't. Last night my boyfriend( Matt) says "Hey Bee ( my name means Honey Bee in the bible ) I think we should start a blog and talk about our lives, family, and where God is taking us and I say what a great idea I will get right on that :)

So all of this make take me awhile to figure out since I just got a Facebook and MySpace and I'm 30- so Kelly and Fred watch out I maybe asking you a lot of questions in the weeks ahead.