Friday, March 4, 2011

It's been 2 years since I have posted.......I'm going to get better

Let me catch you up on a couple of things since I last posted 2 years ago
- I got married May 2nd 2010 so I need to change my blog to The Richmann Family :)
- Happy and Healthy and so glad to be alive
- Loving my job and traveling all over
- Leading a Cell Group at Church with my husband and having a blast doing it!!!
That's a good start and I will add more later!!!
Melissa J Richmann

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

This was totally his idea ........

In case you can not read what the fine print says " We have been busy with the recount" Matt wanted to send these out to our friends and family for Christmas this year. Not exactly what I thought but it works for me this year.

Merry Christmas Everyone

Matthew and Melissa

We never know where life may take us.........

But I'm so glad no matter where the Lord make take us I have this man standing by my side.

Matt - This post is for you today because I probally don't tell you enough how proud I'm of you and all that you do for our family. You meet our needs each and everyday before you even think of yours and I'm truly so thankful.
You have a heart of a servant, you fill my life with so much joy, you make me laugh, and no matter what we are doing I'm so glad it's with you.

I'm so lucky to be the girl who gets to carry on your last name and to be able to marry my best friend and spend the rest of my life with you. You are a gift this Christmas just having you back in my life.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Nine Years Ago Today ...........................................

This little guy was born at 5:59pm at Mercy Hospital nine years ago today. I thought he was never going to come and when he finally did it may the last three days of being in pain all worth it( Thank you Sunday Burquest). Even though I was very young at the time when I had Carson God showed me each and everyday about the joys of being a mom and how nothing else on earth is more rewarding then raising a child.
I love you Carson and I'm so thankful that God gave you to me. I could not ask for a better son in the world.
Happy Golden Birthday!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

This little man is on his first Missions Trip

My first missions trip was to Jamaica when I was 17 and now my son who is only 8 gets the opportunity to work with the team from LWCC and travel to Kingston for 7 days and work in the schools, local churches, do a soccer and volleyball camp and tell others about his faith in God. If you think of Carson in the next 6 days please pray for him and the work that he is doing over there.


I promise I will get better at blogging .......................

Ha it really been that long since I blogged last ............................yikes to much has happened since then so I will just give you an update on a couple your questions

1. We had a blast meeting Mayor Rudi or should I say Matt was in hog heaven that he got his pic taken with him. He actually asked me if we should use the pic for our engagement pic - not funny :)

2. Matt and I cancelled our trip to Florida over Thanksgiving - not good timing and to much going on for work for both of us so hopefully we can go soon ( To start planning the wedding0

3. Carson left on Saturday morning for his first missions trip to Jamaica and I have only cried

3 times so far. What can I say I love that little guy and have spent hours upon hours pouring into his little life. He told me a month or so back that God told him while he was there that he was going to change his life forever. Now I can remember being 8 and I do not remember the Lord speaking to me that clear. So Matt and I are so excited to hear all the amazing things that God did when he returns ( Dec 6th)

For those of you who know my little Tanky please pray for peaceful nights sleep for him - since he has been struggling a bit

4. Matt and I are taking are Christmas cards with Carson this week so you should be seeing them in the mail.

5. We had a great Thanksgiving this year - spent it at The Richmann's which was a little different - I deffinately missed my sisters- but open to having new traditions.

6. Not engaged yet - but hopefully soon!!!!!! Keep you posted !!!
7. Pic on the right is a picture of Sunday Burquest and I at Michael and Brie's wedding a couple weeks back - it was soooo much fun!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Guess where I'm going tonight ..............................

Matt and I were invited by some very special friends to attend the " 2008 Lincoln/Reagan
Republican Party with special guests:
Gov Tim Pawlenty, Congressman John Kline, Congressman Michelle Bachmann, Norm Coleman and Mayor Rudi Giuliani. It is being held here in Mpls and we both are sooooo excited to go. Or should I say Matt is absolutely thrilled beyond measure to go since the man loves loves loves talking politics................... let me rephrase that not just talking sometimes but debating.
I'm sure it will be a great time, but I have the feeling that Matt will make me stay until he has talked to every person :)

Love you Mr. Richmann - can't wait to enjoy a wonderful evening with you!!!!!