Tuesday, September 9, 2008

MBR Superstar

So when I was 12 my sister Leslie gave Matt the name MBR ( his name is Matthew Blair Richmann) Superstar and to this day we are not sure why but it stuck with him.
For those of you who don't know Matt was the first guy I ever dated, first guy I ever kissed ( in church) We dated on and off through high school. We saw each other every week at church, and our familys would get together so we could hang out. I took him to my 9th grade formal ( I still have the pic) But went it came time for college I went off to Christ For the Nations and he went off to TCU and for the first time in our lives we lost touch of each other. We did not lose touch purposely-college was busy, we made new friends, Dallas was farther that Ft Worth. And some how 5 -6years went by and we barely saw each other.
So I was thinking about our story the other day and thatevening Matt and I had dinner with a Pastor from Jamica and he asked us how we met and how we ended up here. I said it was truly the grace that God brought us here today.
To give you the short version of what I began to explain to this pastor is that somewhere in that 5 years that Matt and i drifted apart I had also drifted away from God for awhile. I had gone through some heartache and could choose how I was going to live my life and find my own happiness. I fell away from the church and got into situations that were to big for me to handle. I look back now and I know I could have not picked a worse time to walk away from God then when I did. But little did I know if I would have just stayed faithful to the Lord and keep serving him he was about to open some doors for me supernaturally.
I can still remember the night like it was yesterday that I cried out to the Lord in desperation to help me find my way again and bring me back to my first love ( The Father God) And I can honestly say that night I cried out to the Lord he truly showed me that he was not disapointed in me, and that he does not love me any less for the things I had done up until my life. It was from there going forward that I never strayed away from him again. And here I stand today in complete awe of how good God is and how I saw more than ever how deep the fathers love was for me.
Now many years later he will be the man I'm going to marry and spend the rest of my life with. And let me just say boy am I a lucky girl.
Thank you Matthew for waiting for me.