Monday, December 1, 2008

I promise I will get better at blogging .......................

Ha it really been that long since I blogged last ............................yikes to much has happened since then so I will just give you an update on a couple your questions

1. We had a blast meeting Mayor Rudi or should I say Matt was in hog heaven that he got his pic taken with him. He actually asked me if we should use the pic for our engagement pic - not funny :)

2. Matt and I cancelled our trip to Florida over Thanksgiving - not good timing and to much going on for work for both of us so hopefully we can go soon ( To start planning the wedding0

3. Carson left on Saturday morning for his first missions trip to Jamaica and I have only cried

3 times so far. What can I say I love that little guy and have spent hours upon hours pouring into his little life. He told me a month or so back that God told him while he was there that he was going to change his life forever. Now I can remember being 8 and I do not remember the Lord speaking to me that clear. So Matt and I are so excited to hear all the amazing things that God did when he returns ( Dec 6th)

For those of you who know my little Tanky please pray for peaceful nights sleep for him - since he has been struggling a bit

4. Matt and I are taking are Christmas cards with Carson this week so you should be seeing them in the mail.

5. We had a great Thanksgiving this year - spent it at The Richmann's which was a little different - I deffinately missed my sisters- but open to having new traditions.

6. Not engaged yet - but hopefully soon!!!!!! Keep you posted !!!
7. Pic on the right is a picture of Sunday Burquest and I at Michael and Brie's wedding a couple weeks back - it was soooo much fun!!!

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suddenfire said...

woooohoooo she is back!

I think you guys should use the picture ;)